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Eutelsat 8 West B
Frequency: 11512
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC: 7/8

Sunday, June 13, 2021


Within every episode of Suspects a crime is solved in a documentary style. For the second series the concept of the series was changed, so that cases are not resolved in a single episode. The actors don't have a script. The plot is described roughly, and actors improvise the dialogue and their reactions. Through this production style the series should be more realistic and investigative. The series hardly deals with the private lives of the investigators, it is about the police work. An episode is shot within two and a half days, which means that one scene is filmed within only 18 minutes. The main cast prepared for the series by taking a police workshop with a retired police officer for several weeks. They learned interview techniques, police terminologies and general day-to-day lingo.


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9:00 - 11:00 PM Back to back